Learning Journal

Here is my Learning Journal for the March DIG:


Our base is "Graceful Expansion" we explore what that could mean beyond what brought the phrase to mind.

Graceful Processes from engineering.

Graceful Performance in human activity.

Graceful Animals found in the wild.

Expansion to Grow a business.

I've always sought to be a good person and have an adult interpretation of good. I might push on ethics in computers and technology to see what is beyond my intuition.


Child's Right to an open future.

Forbidden Research as pro-social disobedience.

Heroes of CRISPR then and forward.

We'd like to choose where we want to go deep and show our colleagues that the choice is interesting. I am thinking that technology has favored the unethical in a way I could simulate without too many variables.

Decisions in War or business and politics.


Possible Artifacts in time for demo.

Race of Influence where one side outpaces the other.

Purple are fast talkers. Usually take the middle. Green often driven to 10-20%. I once saw green take three of four rural lobes and sustain 60-75%. Rare.


A stronghold of green fights successfully.

We make dots swell by 10% when color flips. This shows as a flash picked up but hard to explain when seen. I up this to 20% for the small screens in wiki.

We've learned how the usual course of propagation runs out. But sometimes unusual configurations show up that afford strong resistance for green.


I show a picture and a count. Reviewers suggest I should plot the count and show plots for multiple trials. Bret Victor suggests, this dance up and down levels of abstraction is where the deepest insights are born. post

Analysis of Influence with race results.


I was annoyed at how slow my race results were when I tried to draw them in real time. We take a side trip into web line drawing primitives.

Add New Data to SVG Line as fast as the sim runs.


Charting Expansion as a prototype to be improved.


Further related notes continue here, but not day by day. We start with humor.

Analysis of Birthright returning to color of birth.

Schelling's Model of segregation.

Cluster Synchronization recent research.

Nonlinear Contagion in hypergraphs.