Schelling's Model

Schelling's work demonstrates that having people with "mild" in-group preference towards their own group leads to a highly segregated society via de facto segregation. wikipedia

In bringing Schelling's work to modern day, the idea was to keep things simple. Clarity ruled out over cleverness. As players scroll, they're met with few words, and the ability to move pieces around the board is introduced slowly and deliberately. Parable of the Polygons is a mix of doing, showing and telling. site

Parable of the Polygons is the joint project of Vi Hart, a "mathemusician" who runs a popular YouTube channel discussing mathematics, and Coming Out Simulator 2014 developer Nicky Case. Work on the playable post began three months ago — though as Hart recently noted on her personal website, "matters of systematic bias [are] even more topical now." post


I became a follower of design work at Khan Academy when jQuery's author John Resig joined that effort. Hart was a hero there that spun out and her style was a recognizable element of Case's Loopy. site

August 2012. John explains his inspiration from Bret Victor and its application at Khan Academy. post

September 2012. Bret explains how short John has come with respect to Bret's vision. post

Explorable Explanations on multiple fronts. victor case