Charting Expansion

I recount here the steps I took to create pages for participating schools.

Open Community.xlsx attachment in Numbers.

Save as Community.tsv ascii text file.

Remove first and last names with global replace.


Revised for trailing spaces and special characters.

Count participants and sort.

pbpaste | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr

Edit further to be a table of links.

Create a template for sites of expansion.

Create an HTML table with google locations for reference.

35Griffin State School 19 Wesley Rd, Griffin, Queensland, 4503 map
34Woodcrest State College 38 Nev Smith Drive, Springfield, Queensland, 4016 map
10Carole Park State School 260 Waterford Road, Carole Park, Queensland, 4300  map
8Eaton Hill State School Marylin Terrace, Eatons Hill, Quuensland, 4037 map
3QASSP 29 Baxter Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland 4053 map
3Forest Lake State School Kauri Pl, Forest Lake, Queensland, 4078 map
2Mitchelton State School 47 Glen Retreat Rd, Mitchelton, Queensland, 4053 map
1University of Queensland St Lucia, Queensland, 4072 map
1Prenzlau State School 357 Prenzlau Rd, Prenzlau, Queensland, 4311 map
1Payne Road State School 71 Payne Rd, The Gap, Queensland, 4061 map
1Mareeba State School 3/37 Constance St, Mareeba, Queensland, 4880 map
1Labrador State School Turpin Rd, Labrador, Queensland, 4215 map
1Hermit Park State School Cnr Surrey and Sussex Streets, Hyde Park, Queensland, 4812 map
1Herberton State School 21 Elwyn Phillips Memorial Dr, Moomin, Herberton, 4887 map
1Hatton Vale State School Hannant Rd, Hatton Vale, Queensland, 4341 map
1Grovely State School 200 Dawson Parade, Keperra, Queensland, 4054 map
1Far North Queensland Region 17-19 Shedidan Street, Cairns, Queensland, 4870 map
1Elanora State School K P McGrath Dr, Elanora, Queensland, 4221 map
1Dulacca State School 3 North Road, Dulacca, Queensland, 4425 map
1Coolum State School School Rd, Coolum Beach, Queensland, 4573 map
1Catholic Edication Townsville 2 Gardenia Avenue, Kirwan, Queensland, 4817 map
1Bulimba State School 271 Oxford St, Bulimba, Queensland, 4171 map
1Blackall State School Shamrock St, Blackall, Queensland, 4472 map
1Amaroo Environmental Education Centre 90 Kleinton School Rd, Kleinton, Queensland, 4352 map

Workflow: Click map link, copy geocoord from location bar, Click school name, choose Expansion Site Template, paste geocoord over BOUNDARY lines, add page name as link after geocoord.

We will eventually select desired places and create an appropriate map. For now we just create markkup and paste that into a one-off map.

-27.2567134,153.0221501 Griffin State School -27.6567029,152.9160464 Woodcrest State College -27.6076151,152.9297922 Carole Park State School -27.3350552,152.9549465 Eaton Hill State School -27.4541373,153.0302069 QASSP -27.6138243,152.9567212 Forest Lake State School -27.412609,152.9666417 Mitchelton State School

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