Expansion as Obligation

We quote examples of expansion as moral obligation.

Obligations vary from person to person: for example, a person holding a political office will generally have far more obligations than an average adult citizen, who themselves will have more obligations than a child. Obligations are generally granted in return for an increase in an individual's rights or power. wikipedia

Do pharmaceutical companies have a moral obligation to expand access to investigational drugs to patients outside the clinical trial? post

A society’s universe of obligation changes, expanding or shrinking depending on circumstances such as peace and prosperity or war and economic depression. post

If these funds can help you or your family, we hope that they can ease your burden, even if only temporarily. And for those of you who received your funds and can pay them forward, we call on you to expand your universe of obligation for the sake of peace. post

With respect to genetic trait selections, I contend that parents would act ethically only if they make selections that expand their child's range of futures. post


Dena S Davis seems to be someone who thinks deeply about ethical obligations in the modern world. blog