Graceful Performance

We compare quotes that characterize grace in the arts.

Being a graceful dancer has to do with acknowledging how your body moves, and connecting various dance steps such that the steps become one. Grace also has much to do with making the dance steps look effortless. Through repetitive practice and training exercises you can improve your technique so that you are graceful. post

A dancer sweeps you away with her grace and flow and hides her sweat with a flourish. A world-class figure skater, on the other hand, pulls you into her own anxiety. She performs just barely above the limits of her skill, trying jumps you both know she can’t always land. post

Transitioning from turn to turn takes timing and practice. Skiers who do it smoothly will have a graceful rhythm as they carve their way down the slope. post

Gracefulness does not mean greatness. It means Jim Corbett in boxing, Hobey Baker in hockey, Bobby Jones in golf, Red Grange in football, Lajoie in baseball, (Paavo) Nurmi in running, It means (Eddie) Arcaro in the saddle. It means smoothness, ease, lack of effort where sensational plays are reduced to normal efforts. post